Monday, August 20, 2012


I hate drawing Superman.  From my pencils he always seems to be boring looking.  And I can just never get that idealized face down.  While I'm sketching around tonight I draw the most boring face, and it clicks to just put an S curl and some heat vision on him.  Yeah...looks like I'm drawing red eyes the rest of the week too!



  1. Your being hard on yourself about not getting his look down.
    He looks like Superman to me even sans the heat vision.
    Your right about the heat vision and 'S' curl making it click though, I also think
    the S icon on his chest does that also.
    It's crazy how those little designs by Siegel/Shuster make for an iconic character that would endure for 8 decades and probably beyond.

    1. He looks like Supes to me, I was just sketching a random face though. If I had been trying to draw him his face would've turned out wrong.