Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Not Supergirl...

Today was a good day!  I was worried about going to back to work after a nice vacation,not so much because of working, because I don't do much of that regardless, but about how it would affect this at-least-one-drawing-a-day thing I'm trying to commit to.  So after a nice shift I brought the pad to the closest Starbucks (so poser I know) and laid it down.  Mission accomplished.  Icing on the cake was sketching in my Moleskine at IHOP later.

The pen in this pic is a disposable Zebra brush pen.  I've become a huge fan of my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, it's easily the most versatile tool I've used (my fellow FreestyleRonin artist Antonio commented that it was almost cheating to use it).  It's also very hard to control for me so far, so I experimented with some other brands.  This one has a dual felt tips (medium and fine), which has been a problem for me with other brands.  They seem to fray and wear out too quickly.  This one got excellent reviews about the ink outlasting the tips, and ,so far, I'm confident that will be true.  My Pentel can make hair thin lines, but I find myself still using tech pens instead for fine details.  With this Zebra I can do a whole drawing with one pen.  It's not great for filling in blacks, but for sketching and inking this disposable is a solid pen.  The Pentel is still my favorite though, for the record.

TheGraphitist is wordy tonight...


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